Muttineer offers private dog training services for your mutinous mutt. Training is convenient because sessions are in your home, and effective because training takes place where the problem behaviors occur.

Muttineer can help with behavior issues ranging from puppy mouthing, potty training, destructive behavior, how to stop problem barking in the home or on-leash, reactivity and aggression, fear and shyness, or basic manners training and obedience. Inquire about how Muttineer can help you with your dog training needs today!


We practice humane and ethical training methods. This means we train using positive reinforcement (treats, toys, attention) to increase good behavior and negative punishment (too bads, and time outs) to decrease unwanted behavior.

At Muttineer, we believe there are no bad dogs, only ones with bad habits. Every dog deserves the chance to shine and please their owners to gain a healthy human/canine relationship. Let Muttineer restore sanity to your home by teaching your dog a different way to behave.

Voted Top Ten Dog Trainers in Pasadena for 2018 and 2019!

Voted Top Ten Dog Trainers in Pasadena for 2018 and 2019!

Jocelyn is a terrific trainer and person. Highly experienced, she had a great positive impact on our dogs. Highest recommendation.
— Erica T.
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