What type of training do you do?
Muttineer offers force-free training techniques that are based in the science of dog behavior and animal learning. This means your dog will learn how to be a rockstar pet in a way that you can feel good about. Muttineer wants you and your dog to have the best relationship possible and that means a solid foundation of trust and communication.

What kinds of dogs can you work with?
Muttineer specializes in behavior modification training and aiding clients that own difficult and/or aggressive dogs. We also love to help clients with puppies or new rescue dogs to help them start out on the right paw! Our trainers have years of experience working with all kinds of dogs, including some of the nations most difficult dog populations. We can certainly custom tailor a training program for you and your dog.

What can I expect from training?
During the initial in home consultation you will discuss your training goals with your professional trainer. Your trainer will be able to observe your dog’s problem behaviors in real time and in the environment in which they occur. From there, your trainer will be able to assess your dog’s training needs and recommend a behavior adjustment plan tailored to suit your dog’s specific needs. We recommend that our clients participate in each session so they can benefit from one-on-one, hands-on expert coaching. This makes our clients badass handlers with sharp training chops. We want to teach you the skills to problem solve and work with your dog effectively.

Do you offer discounts or packages?
Yes! If you sign up for 4 or more sessions during the first consultation we take 10% off the package price.

Can you help with potty training my puppy?
Yes! Potty training is something we go over in detail with every puppy owner. We make sure you have a plan in place and understand the necessary steps to achieve a potty trained dog. However, it’s up to you, your dog walker, your friendly neighbor who stops in, etc, to make sure the plan is followed every day in order to achieve results.

Will I need lot of extra equipment to train my dog?
Muttineer doesn’t use expensive training equipment or collars to achieve results. We recommend starting with a standard, 6-ft leash (no flexi/retractable leashes), martingale or buckle collar and a front-clipping harness. If you want to get fancy, a fanny pack or bait bag works wonders and is the best option for carrying treats! For puppies we may also recommend products for management like exercise pens, baby gates and crates.

How does scheduling work?
Muttineer aims to offer our clients the most convenient training option possible. By coming to you and working with your schedule we can help you fit training into your busy life. We recommend meeting once per week so that training progresses at a steady pace. We ask for at least 24 hours notice for cancellations and rescheduling.

Why choose Muttineer? There are so many options for trainers in Los Angeles.
Muttineer is a local business with a ton of dog behavior experience. Our behavior experts can offer you a personalized training plan that is customized to you and your dog’s individual needs. Our trainers have years of professional experience working with some of the most compromised dog populations in the nation and have hands-on experience working with complex behavioral issues. We offer the very best methods and techniques in the industry. You will not find anything bunk, outdated or old-school!

Do you work with all breeds?
Yes, absolutely! Muttineer does not discriminate. We have A LOT of experience working with bully breeds and pitbulls and welcome any naughty dog or mutinous mutt into our client family!