Puppy Manners and Socialization


Puppy Manners and Socialization


•    Puppy Manners and Socialization:    $125/session

So you got a new puppy. Now what? The good news is you have a clean slate and a wonderful opportunity to ensure that your puppy will grow up to be a friendly, well manner and well adjusted adult dog. The Puppy Manners and Socialization package is designed to include all the elements that are essential during puppy development.

   •    Extensive socialization field trips around different types of people, events, surroundings, other puppies and friendly adult dogs.

   •    Fear and aggression prevention exercises

   •    Basic obedience/ House manners (sit, down, stay, off, leave it, drop it, and more!)

   •    House-training plan

   •    Comprehensive client coaching 

   •    Available only for puppies under 18 weeks

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